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luther ; vices
just another modern swinger
screaming "catch me if you can"
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31st-Aug-2012 06:57 pm(no subject)
luther ; vices
Comment to be added.
luther ; vices

Heyyy guys! I come out of hibernation with an Erik/Charles fanmix, my newest obsession. the mix features pretty much all angsty songs because that's how I roll. It spans the movie and beyond.

Let's do this!

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29th-Mar-2011 10:25 pm - friends cut
luther ; vices
There were a lot of journals that haven't been updated in a while or just people I haven't talked to in forever. Nothing personal, I just needed to clear my flist a little.

Not gonna disable the comments on this one so if you have anything to say, feel free!
30th-Apr-2010 08:58 pm - Yoko solo tour Pamphlet Scans
luther ; vices
Ilu suikascented and airairo <3333333


Scanned at 500 dpi. They're really not that good but I was careful not to bend it too much, so... D:

Re-sharing is fine, just credit me okay?
6th-Apr-2010 09:26 pm - Chocolate translation
luther ; vices
So, I found the lyrics of the song on a Japanese fan blog and decided to try my hand at it. So bittersweet, awww Yoko D: *squishes him forever*

Disclaimer: I am in no way fluent in Japanese nor am I claiming that I am, so of course this isn't 100% correct. Also, as these aren't official lyrics, it may not be 100% correct.

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luther ; vices
This took 2 hours to do. XD But it's the weekend, I'm on vacation and bored because everyone left for the weekend and I'm all alone :(

Oh and omg the full photo set from the con is here & here If you need me I'll be over here, dying. *_*

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