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Yoko solo con - 4/2 report (translation)

This took 2 hours to do. XD But it's the weekend, I'm on vacation and bored because everyone left for the weekend and I'm all alone :(

Oh and omg the full photo set from the con is here & here If you need me I'll be over here, dying. *_*

At the beginning, there's was a picture slideshow of pictures from the pamphlet ♥

★Wonder boy

He was with a pink jacket with a skull on its back and 3/4 shorts. He didn't remember the lyrics so he turned back and looked at the screen from time to time XD

★ Ame-chan & Purin (rock version)

★ Ichibyou Kiss

He said it felt really good singing Ohkura's parts XD

★ New song (ballad)

A love song apparently, about loving your partner wholeheartedly. The chorus had "stars" in it a couple of times so people are assuming that's the title.

★ Chocolate (the song he wrote with Yasu)

Actually, he thought of the title back when Sankyoudai were still doing stuff, and was supposed to be their song but he never wrote the lyrics XD The title may be cute but the lyrics are about a bitter love~

★ Greetings

He talked about "Chocolate", how he wrote the lyrics and left the music to Yasu. "The titles of the songs I write are all food~ Ame-chan, Mikan for example~ So that's why this time it's 'Chocolate'"

Apparently the next title will be "Crouton", lol. No one knows if he was kidding or not XD

Also Masshi brought him a coat and started putting it on him but he got mad "I can dress myself! Are you my mom?! Ah, speaking of my mom, she called me today at 5:40 am today and said "Do your best~" I was sleeping!!"

"I talked about this on my blog already but I wanted to change my haistyle so I went to the hairdresser's yesterday. I wanted a perm but it totally didn't turn out like I wanted it. It's all loose." It seems like it's looks like the one he had near the end of Hidarime♥

They brought candles, wine and a mirror as props. "I want to play around with the mirror a bit~"

Yoko was projected on the mirror and in front of it was the real Yoko, so it seemed surreal~. They had a "magic confrontation", drank wine, had a skipping rope battle. Then at the middle of it, started a really cool full-blown dance.

★ Kicyu

Yasu was projected on that "mirror" they brought. Yoko was with the same costume as in the Puzzle tour. And he didn't remember the choreography that well anymore. XD

After Kicyu ended, he was carrying one long candle and while saying "Because it's just me, I can do a lot of things~", he lit it up. Then there was a table, with 3 candles on it. He started writing something a paper, then put it over one of the candles and it read "Picture slideshow" A slideshow started then with drawings the symbolize the Earth crying. People think Yasu might've drawn them.

★ Black ranger

He sang the Eito ranger theme song while goinga round with his bike on the stage. They did the Momotarou story. Yoko was Momotarou and the juniours were the other characters from the story.

★ Arigatou
He only sang the beginning.

★ It's my soul

★ MC

"I got a mail from Ohkura today. "You told me you'd mention me during the MC, so do it today~."

Maru had sent him confectionery through the mail. It's a pretty common thing to do there, though I don't know how to explain it better XD

"Speaking of Maru, I got angry with him recently. I've used the same bed for 12 years already, and it's gotten old so I thought I'd buy a new one. They were all pretty expensive but I thought I'd buy the cheapest one. When I said "Is this one good~?", the assistant told me "Ah, Yokoyama-san, come here for a bit. Maruyama-san bought this bed a while ago." He'd bought an expesinve one, so if I buy a cheap one, that'd be weird! So I ended up buying a bed that was a bit more expensive than Maru's (laughs)"

Member's solo corner

★ Mamoritai

Messege from Ohkura "Last time you did my solo pretty harshly so do it properly this time (laughs) I'll come to see it sometime."

He sang it pretty seriously, with the chair and everything. Ohkura from the 47 tour was projected on the monitor. At the end, just like how during Ohkura's version Mamoritai is written on the monitor, something in Korean is written. XD

★ Watashi Kagami

Yasu's messege "You'll be singing Watashi Kagami this time too but last time it was a parody. Instead of "I laugh embarrassedly" you said "I laugh bitterly" and it ended in you giggling. This time say "I laugh embarrassedly" properly. I'll come to see it sometime~"

Just like last time, he had an acoustic guitar on but didn't play it because, well, he can't. XD He started singing mockingly awful and instead of "I laugh embarrassedly" he said "I laugh insincerely", lol.

Oh, yeah, "I laugh embarrassedly" is the end of the first verse of Watashi Kagami.

★ Sayonara

Subaru's messege - He had fun saying different variations of "Yacchaimasu" XD "When I sang it back then on Johnnys USA, black people but you're white, right?" Because his skin is so white, lol.

On the monitor was footage from Subaru's performance of it on Music station with random Arashi members, Toma and Yamapi backing him up~

★ Wanshan ronpin

Maru's messege - He explained the meaning of "Ubaran" and "Okkomokkochoo" XD I think they may be from the lyrics? I can't remember atm.

Yoko was in only a loincloth and an Indian headband. XDDDD On the monitor, footage from the Countdown dvd was shown.

★ Babun

Hina's messege was too long so they cut it short and fast forwarded through it XD And he said he's the first generation Babun and Yoko's the second lol. And he told the audionce to shout for Yuu-chan♥

And yes, he was in the Babun man costume with bubbles flowing around him. XD XD XD

★ Ai gai no nandemo nai

Ryo ended his messege with "Nishikido Ryo desu...ka." "Ka" is added when you pose a question so it'd translate to "Was this Nishikido Ryo?" lol and then "I was seriously fumbling with my words. I said "Desuka?" I made a mistake." How can you mistake that is beyond me, though XD

There was no unbuttoning of his shirt though :(

★ fantastic music!

Kimiko appears! She was in a park someone, talking to someone~

Kimiko: Introduce yourself~
Mitsuru: It's Yokoyama Misturu
Kimiko: your big brother is doing a solo concert now~ How is he, usually?
Mitsuru: He's so kind, a really good brother.
Kimiko: I'm kind of starting to feel awkward (embarrassed laugh)

★ Kicyu (Adult-like version)

The dance is really cool~

★ Confusion

He didn't unbutton his shirt here either :(

★ Kawaita Hana

After singing the last lyric, Subaru's part, he said "I did it~♥!"

★ Kyuu jou show

★ Musekinin hero

★ Zukkoke otokomichi

★ Onigishi

Pictures of him as a kid were shown on the monitor behind him. And pictures of him with his brothers when they were little, like holding Tsutomu's hand~ ♥

★ First encore - Hitotsu no Uta

★ 2nd encore - Giga mejimewaga faito

After the last talk, there was a "Do one more song!!" call.

"Hey, wait! There's no more songs. I'm so exhausted already! I'll be on Ohayou Asahi tomorrow morning and I have two more shows tomorrow! And yet you want more?"

"Yes, do it!!"

"Fine, fine!" he talked to the staff through the earphones and "Is Zukkoke good? Should I do it?" "Since this is the last one, do your best to be louder!!"

After it ended "I'll be on Ohayou Asahi tomorrow morning so watch it!! I won't accept it if you don't watch it!!

Doron runningman

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